When I teach philosophy, I strive to provide students with cognitive scaffolding they can use to navigate their individual and collective lives, engage in their own creative projects, and mindfully resist the worst dimensions of a culture shaped by patriarchy, advanced capitalism, settler colonialism, racism, heterosexism, ableism, and other forces. I endeavour to help students develop a consciousness of the power structures that shape their experiences, including the ones which are present in the classroom. 

Course Instructor

Concordia University (Montreal):

Current Courses:

2021 Fall     PHIL 371: Philosophy of Feminism

2021 Fall     PHIL 377: 20th-Century Continental Philosophy

2021 Fall     PHIL 266: Introduction to Philosophy of Religion


       *PHIL 266 is an eConcordia course with pre-established content.       


University of Toronto:

2021 Summer     PHL 388: Philosophy and Literature


       *This course was a version of my PHL B04 course, compressed for a short (6                week) summer term. See the PHL B04 syllabus to get a sense of the class.

2021 Winter         PHL B04: Philosophy and Literature

2020 Summer     PHL 322: Contemporary Continental Philosophy

                              PHL C09: Topics in Continental Philosophy

2018 Summer     PHL 242: Science Fiction and Philosophy

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Teaching Assistant 

University of Toronto:

Tutorial Leader and Grader

PHL B09: Biomedical Ethics (Fall 2020, Fall 2019 and Fall 2017)

PHL 101: Introduction to Philosophical Problems (Winter 2021 and Fall 2020)

PHL 113: Persons and Values (Winter 2019)

PHL 217: Introduction to Continental Philosophy (Winter 2020 and Fall 2018)

PHL 271: Law and Morality (Winter 2018)

PHL 281: Bioethics (Summer 2017 and Fall 2016)


PHL B12: Philosophy of Human Sexuality (Winter 2016)

PHL 243: Philosophy of Sexuality (Winter 2017)


PHL 324: The Continental Tradition (Fall 2018)